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Bank Austria Business Plan Competition "next generation vol. 4 "


Li Na developed Sauceghetti, noodles with "integrated" sauce. With this invention the spaghetti dinner with dirty T-Shirts is finally past.

Daniel, Raphael and Christopher superior to produce toilet paper, where vocabulary in various foreign languages are printed on. Now you have the possibility to make the unused time at the quiet place entertaining.

Alexandra, Marina, Katarina and Veronica wanted to introduce young people "their" Vienna, with places and spaces that are of interest to young people. They interviewed hundreds of young people and developed the first "youth city map" of Vienna - together with partners - including print and distribute.

What do all these ideas have together? They have been developed by young people and have won prizes in the BA- ideas and business plan competition.

Become an idea developer! Develop a (business) idea in the context of your business or English lessons. Create - supported by your teachers - a business model or business plan! With the development of your own business idea learning Business Management will get more exciting and close.

The ideas and business plan competition is held in two categories.

* Category I = Real Market ("Best Business Plan")

* Category II = competition of ideas ("Best Business Idea")

and the most sustainable idea will be awarded with a special price in Vienna!


In Vienna there is a Kick-Off and also coaching sessions for groups. The coaching appointments will kindly carried out by partners and offer the possibility to talk with experts, on their business ideas or your own business plan. The Vienna Jury is composed of entrepreneurs and representatives of the cooperation partners. The chairman will be the future researcher Franz Kühmayer this year.

* Category I = Real Market ( "Best Business Plan")
* Category II = (Idea Competition "Best Business Idea")

Evaluation Criteria




The Prices

What prizes can I win? Of course your efforts will not go unrewarded! "Business Angels" (business partner) represent attractive prizes for the top three places in each category are available. What exactly these prices are going to be, is a surprise!

But one thing is already fixed: The two best business plans and business ideas from Vienna are forwarded to the federal jury and fight for the best posts from the other provinces, Tyrol and Bulgaria for cash prizes in the amount of:

1st Price: € 1.250, -

2nd Price: € 1.000, -

3rd Price: € 750, -.




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